Kootenay Tonewood

Kootenay Tonewood produces music wood for all stringed instruments in a range of grades from AAAA-quality sound boards for a master luthier to paint grade sets to production guitars. Kootenay tonewood will also produce custom sound boards or sets for individual needs. 

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Graham Hein of Kootenay Tonewood receives special permission from British Columbia's Ministry of Forests to harvest over-mature trees which would otherwise end up on the forest floor. He practices selective logging, removing only the individual trees he has chosen. It is a way of practicing resource stewardship and keeping the forest healthy.

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About us

Kootenay Tonewood is owned and operated by Graham Hein, a British Columbia native with an extensive background in forestry. Graham walks the woods in the Kootenays to find the towering Englemann spruce, Western Red Cedar and Tamarack trees which he will selectively harvest to produce sound boards for musical instruments. He practices forest stewardship by using only trees which have reached and surpassed their maturity. 

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"Excellent quality. Some of the finest spruce on the market." —Customer

"Very nice wood. Tap sound is great, looks great. Fantastic instruments to come" —Customer